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Dr. Thanh Hai Nguyen, M.Sc., Ph.D., is a research engineer at Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA), in the Embedded Real-Time Systems and Security Laboratory. His main research interests include parallelism, compilation, discrete and combinatorial optimization. After a two year experience in IT business initiatives on service provision and obtaining the PhD degree in 2010 in Combinatorial Optimization and Theoretical Computer Science, he joined CEA in 2011. He has started to work on compilation and parallel runtime environment for cloud computing and real-times embedded system. During his years at CEA, he has contributed to the successfully industrial technology transfer to CEA start-up partners. He further made several technical contributions to develop and improve software tool chains for a French cosmetic enterprise and his online purchasing plate-form B2B & B2C. At present, his R&D activities not only focus on setting up and management European projects but also the development of emerging encryption-based crypto-computing technologies running on parallel architecture systems. 

Areas of Expertise: Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing, Internet of Things, Bigdata, Data Analysis, Real-Times Embedded System.  

THANH HAI NGUYEN’s experience projects

1.1.1. European project H2020 – C3ISP (2016 – 2019) with 11 partners from 5 EU countries in consortium: its mission is to define a collaborative and confidential information sharing, analysis and protection framework as a service for cyber security management. In this project, his main tasks are team management and technical leader for security of data analytics which consist of defining efficient algorithms for data analysis in function of each user – cases and a plat-form for sharing such analyse results while preserving privacy of user profile.

1.1.2. European project ICT – HC@WORKS (2015 – 2017) with 6 partners from 4 countries: its mission is to provide a tools for data analytics while preserving data privacy via 3 key pilots on deep packet IP inspection, e-health patient data, and discussion content inspection on social network for terrorist purpose. His main task in this project is not only for teamwork management, ensuring the work plan in time and also technical leader for large scale privacy data analysis in multi core and multi cluster architecture.

1.1.3. French National CHESS project (2013-2018) with 4 French industries and 2 R&D techno providers (2014 – 2017) aims to provide a cross platform for gathering all data from any connected objects and sharing it securely to any partners and collaborators for his business while preserving data privacy. His task in this project consists of contributing to project architecture and defining generic algorithms for data analysis in cloud infrastructure.

1.1.4. Industry IoT project biology PHYCOSOURCE (2014 – 2016): mission is to build a smart electrical table that enables to gather all data from biology sensors from which a manual or automatic decision on selecting a control algorithm will be taken or proposed. His main contributions of this project is team leader, project management and participating to define IoT infrastructure for more than hundred biology sensors covering on 5  microalgae cultivation centres.

1.1.5. Industry MPPA project (2011 – 2013) – technology transfer to a French start-up: its mission is to provide a compilation toolchain for parallel computing that is capable to compile any algorithm on image or video processing and make them compatible to MPPA architecture – 64 clusters of 256 cores.  His main tasks in this project are defining generic parallel task models for optimizing communication bandwidth and optimizing resource allocation to ensure efficient performance computing.

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