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Ph.D CEA - Thành viên chủ chốt của nhóm Nhà khoa học dữ liệu (Energism - Euro). Giảng viên Talent5

Giới thiệu

Dr. Dang Phuong NGUYEN, Ph.D., (Male), Bronze medal in Asian Physics Olympiad in 2005, received the Master degree in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique (top schools of EU) and Pierre and Marie Curie University in 2013, and the PhD degree from CEA Saclay (Atomic Energy Commission) and EDITE (The doctoral school of computer science, telecommunications and electronics) in 2016. From 2016, he joined Energisme-a startup in management of energy consumption, as key member of Data Scientist team. Author of numerous patents and scientific papers, he is passionate about creating innovative products and contributing to advanced technology improvement in the field of BigData and Artificial Intelligence. He has participated to several projects of analysis and prediction of energy production and consumption such as: Colas, Idex and Perial. Various models were built in these projects to classify the consumption level of study sites then give advice on how to use or repair to reduce the energy consumption. Some new models are also building to predict the energy production and consumption that base an auto-consumption application helping us of optimizing the energy consumption.

Areas of Expertise: Data Analysis, Predictive Ads model.

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